Friday, March 18, 2011

HBD Zuzu Bee

In honor of my lil demon's birthday, I wanted to share this "Up, Up Up!" video with you.  Zaina is a feisty little thing and keeps us all on her toes. She will not give up till she gets her way.

I am two! Hear me ROAR!

All day today, we persistently sang her happy birthday, to have her tell us incessantly that it was not her birthday but her Api-Jan's birthday. Zaina, if you ever read this, besides the fact that we all love you to pieces, you have brought so much light into our world and your spirited nature always brings a smile to our faces. Here's to many more birthdays (ia) and  we hope that your spunky attitude never diminishes.

Thank you Amina-Mami for dressing me up today!

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