Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Moti Girl Diary- Week Eight, I want CAKE! No make that brownies

Good evening peoples, this is your Moti Girl bringing you a play by play of my adventures in fat extraction. I'm feeling good today. I apologize for lagging, but this is my last week of instruction as a Berkeley student and the work load has piled up tremendously.  I'm back though!  This week has been good to me.  I have hit a stride and I'm enjoying the ride.  Ooh the lyricist in me is escaping...    :)

my faves
my "Lesbian Look"
I had an epiphany this week-- I know imagine that.  I was talking to my girl Amina and we thoroughly discussed how feeling good about ourselves has a lot to do with how we dress on a daily basis. You all know that I love wearing my regular boot cut jeans, usually paired with comfy cotton t-shirt, socks and kicks. My hair is pulled back in a ponytail and if I want to be be extra snazzy I will don a funky headband to spice it up. Yup, I'm living on the wild side.   It's nothing special, just something I am comfortable with.  My friend who shall remain nameless calls this my everyday Lesbian look.  Yup you read it right, the Lesbian look. I think what she really means is the Butch look, but deliberately chooses to use the word Lesbian to ruffle my PC feathers.  Yes, I'll admit I have many fashion faux pas in terms of styling,  but who hasn't?  I'm just not that into to clothes or fashion.  I think I can play if off (sometimes) or at least get by.  It's just not my thing.  So I wear what makes me feel comfortable.  May this blog be my witness, but I am acutely aware of the abdominal obesity that I see everyday in my reflection, so yes I choose to wear things that are very loose around my waistline.  Tshirts make that a reality.  I mean why should I subject anyone else to the view of my tires of fat that will immediately cause stomach bile to swim in your mouth?  Yuck. Well I am working it on it. Are you enjoying my vivid imagery today?  Anyways, getting back to my epiphany I realized that although I love my daily "Lesbian" Look, it might not hurt to actually put a little effort towards making myself a little more presentable, or well put together.    I'm not talking about a drastic makeover, just a subtle changes to allow myself to feel good.  I don't know about you guys, but there's something about when I put a little more effort in how I dress, I all of sudden feel a small boost of confidence shoot through.  So any of my friends out there, want to step up and help a sista out?  You know I need it. I'm not ready to retire my daily wear, but maybe add a few more articles of clothing that will broaden my limited wardrobe.  :)

Yolatea's Coffee Yogurt
Anyways, I digress as usual.  Back to Moti Girl.  I'm doing well.  I'm feeling good. I went to the gym twice this week, but I also had dance practice twice this week for my daughter's talent show which surprisingly was very grueling. As far as food is concerned, I think I have finally found some balance.  I'm not being anal about counting calories as much. I have a firm grasp on how many calories I am approximately consuming and just trying to stay close to 1200 calories, which I found not too hard.  I love my free days, but they are slowly losing their appeal. Not because I'm not interested in food, but  think I have found some balance and I feel comfortable.  I also discovered No Sugar Added, Fat Free Coffee Frozen Yogurt at Yolatea in Saratoga and can I say that I wanted to jump for joy because it did not taste like Sugar free stuff. It was flavorful and didn't feel lacking in anyway.  Yolatea not only sells yogurt, but Gelato Classico, Crepes and Paninis.  It's a cute little spot and a favorite for after school kids to have a  snack in downtown Saratoga.

This week I was doing the happy dance in my bedroom because I discovered my jeans were loose even with a belt on. I started singing the chorus to "The Eye of the Tiger" and dancing around like a chimp on crack... I looked up and there standing in the doorway were my kids.  I was so lost in my delirium of happiness, that I didn't notice the lil monsters watching their mother in bewilderment. Leila asked me why I was dancing around without my pants on?  I told her it was the cool thing to do and that I was doing the happy dance.  She laughed at me and said Mom, you're so funny and turned and walked away. At least she didn't call me weird.  I'm sure she was thinking it though. Zaina just snickered and joined me in my happy dance and started singing Slippery Fish.  Yes, Zaina definitely falls on the Rehman side.

my guilty pleasure

Well, after I weighed myself yesterday, I couldn't help but eat one delectably yummy mint brownie and a tall glass of milk.  Can I just say it was sooooo needed and savored every bite!  Now if it was a reward or a guilty binge eating, you will have to stay tuned and see for yourself.

Ok well here it is my friends...

I lost 1.8 pounds!

Phew, I can't believe it!  I was worried that I was going to either be at the same weight or definitely gaining a pound or two. I think I need to break out in song now... "It's the eye of the tiger, it's the cream of the fight, Risin' up to the challenge of our rival, And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night, And he's watchin' us all in the eye of the tiger"  Haha... well that's all folk, tune in next time. This is your Moti Girl happy dancing away! :)

Week 1:   3/7/11: 163.2
Week 2:  3/14/11: 161.8
Week 3: 3/21/11: 159.2
Week 4: 3/28/11: 158.8
Week 5: 4/4/11: 156.8
Week 6: 4/11/11: 157.9     (break)
Week 7: 4/18/11: 157.6
Week 8: 4/25/11: 155.8

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Moti Girl Diary- Week Seven?

Ciao, my Moti-girl readers. Well what to do. I apologize for the break in the regular scheduled programming, but somethings were just far more important than my trials and tribulations in my fat exorcism. :) I'm back to bore you with all the mundane details of my life.  You ready?

Go Lakers!

As far as the whole food and exercise goes... well I kinda fell off the wagon this last week. Just had too many things going on and I'll be honest my focus was just not there.  Suffice to say, I'm back.  The weight gain from last week was a small blow but to be honest it was an expected one.  Is this suppose to be the slump?  Maybe I am lacking motivation or maybe the results are showing too damn slow? Either way, I really need to learn a lesson in patience.  I can't expect the excess weight to just melt off me, can I?  One could only hope. In any case, keeping up with good food choices is as hard as keeping up with all the new Kardashian shows that keep popping up every couple of months. Yeah, I'm not a huge Kardashian aficionado as you can see, indeed they are all pretty women but something about the nonstop-in-your-face-attention-whoreing thing just doesn't sit well with me. Anyways,  back to the whole food thing, there were a few times where I simply didn't have those better choices available because the pantry was running low.  Exercise also took a bit of hit from 4 times a week to 2 times.  Well, if I plan to stay to reach my goal by August, I have my work cut out for me.

The new addition to our family, Baby Avah!

In the last two weeks, three pretty cool things took place: my Zaina's 2nd birthday party, my niece Avah came to visit from LA  and a few friends and myself threw a a Bake Sale for Japan. The two  events were a hit, thank goodness ah.  Zaina and her friends had a blast at her park birthday and we raised a little over $1600 for Japan.  I wanted to share some pics and without much fanfare I will just simply post my weight.  Again, I apologize for the short post, with looming finals and graduation I just need to get through these next three weeks.  Enjoy the pics my friends and thank you for all the comments, encouragement and love.

ZuzuBee beating Elmo.  Not the best word choice used that day.
Zuzu & Nunu loving the bubble machine!
Lulu & Samo doing their part.
a couple of the Superstar helpers

Bake Sale for Japan raised $1600

 Well here you go, homies...

0.3 pounds... woo hoo!

 I was completely expecting to be back in the 160s already, but I was pleasantly surprised. Especially since I really wasn't sticking to my weekly regimen. Well that's all for this post my friends, this is your Moti-Girl saying so long!  :)

Week 1:   3/7/11: 163.2
Week 2:  3/14/11: 161.8
Week 3: 3/21/11: 159.2
Week 4: 3/28/11: 158.8
Week 5: 4/4/11: 156.8
Week 6: 4/11/11: 157.9     (break)
Week 7: 4/18/11: 157.6

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

moment of silence

Hello my faithful readers.  I am sorry to disappoint you, but I will be taking a break this week.  My batteries for my scale are dead but I did measure myself the night before and I was 157.9. I gained a pound.  It was bound to happen.  

I am writing with a heavy heart. Today, I dedicate this post to all the people who have lost special loved ones in their lives. Innalilahiwainniilayhirajioun.  "Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return".  May Allah give us all the patience and strength we need. Ameen.

Please take the time to appreciate and be thankful for all that we are blessed with and what is given to us by the grace of Allah.  Other than being an emotional support we can help by offering as many prayers as we possibly can for the ones that have passed and take comfort knowing that one day in the future we will be reunited with them. I humbly request that everyone who is reading this right now to please take a moment of silence to make a special prayer for loved ones we have lost.

Photo courtesy by
Thank you for your patience and I will be back iA next week.  :)  With much love and respect, this is your Moti Girl wishing you a good night.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Moti Girl Diary- Week Five, will I survive?

Hi there my faithful readers, this is your Moti-girl checking in.  I don't know why I just don't feel very motivated to write this week.  I don't know what's wrong with me?  Is this the plateau everyone talks about? I'm not feeling as excited and most importantly I am seriously-aggravatingly-annoyed at making the better food choices.  I'm a carb girl.  I love me some rice, bread and potatoes. The more the better.  For someone who has a rich family history of diabetes, I need to avoid these yummies at all costs.  Even knowing that and being reminded of it daily, can I please be excused for being annoyed at this and rant about how I miss my good ol' carbs?  With my brother's Moti girl song constantly playing on repeat in my head, I feel like there is caldron of irritation brewing inside me ready to unload on any unsuspecting well wisher.  Well, now that you get a feel for the nasty mood I'm in today, please continue to read the nonsense that I spew.  :)

Bossy Boots
So while Leila was at swim practice, Bossy Boots (aka Zaina) and I were sitting off to the corner just horsing around.  Zaina was blissfully playing with her Barbie and picking the red flowers in the picture above to make a bed for her Barbie while I was staring distractedly into space trying to prioritize my workload for the rest of the week. Whenever Zaina's attention was diverted, I kept sweeping away some of the broken flowers back into the planter. Heaven forbid, I might come off as an irresponsible parent who allows her kid to rum amok, make a mess and forget to instill the value of living things by all the onlooking parents in the area by the huge heap of dead flowers at my footstep. Sometimes I have mad OCD.  In my lame attempt to be sly, I discovered the kids' forgotten snack bag and immediately indulged the growling rumbles of my tummy.  I fervently unzipped the bag to discover, FRITOS!  Yes, I had tunnel vision and the only thing on my agenda was to savor every ounce of salty crunchy goodness.  I mean come on now, who doesn't like Chili Cheese Fritos?  Well I sure as hell do and as I closed my eyes to inhale the chips, I was suddenly rudely interrupted by a squeaky voice telling me, "No, Mama, don't do it!"  Emphasis on the "doooo".  WTH?  Are you kidding me?  Now my 2 year-old is keeping me in check too?  I woke up from my wannabe drunken food stupor to find Zaina scolding me, not because I was about to devour her snack but because she discovered that I was sweeping her flowers back into the planter.  Go figure, yes she is quite the cheeky lil monkey.  I laughed, took her picture and chuckled as she continued to scold me for the remaining 14 minutes of Leila's practice. I accepted this as a sign from God and refrained from polishing off the Fritos.

Rib Eye Slider
So on my free day I pigged out. Surprise surprise.  On Saturday night, I was suppose to check out a friend's band Resurrection Men (find them on iTunes) in Cupertino with my brother-in-law Ausaff, but he declined to go and insisted that the Hubby and I enjoy a date night on him.  Wow! So we ventured out in shock and attended their fabulous show and when the set ended we had no idea what to do next. Thanks to twitter and my unhealthy obsessive following of all things food related, I discovered that after SJ Eats (which we sadly avoided due to the overcrowding) the Mogo BBQ food truck (follow them on twitter @MoGoBBQ to find out their location) was happily residing in downtown San Jose till 2:00 AM. Yup, so I dragged Hubby and we took off on our FoodVenture, thus this hideous picture of me took birth.  I will save my formal review of this food truck for a future blog post,  but suffice to say the Rib Eye Slider that I am am making out with above was beyond scrumptious!  I really wanted to try the Short Rib slider which my friend Amber raves about, but unfortunately they were all out.  I probably couldn't tell you the calories I consumed, but really who cares?  The delight I had experienced was well worth the 2000 I calories I ate in that 2.5 seconds. As Rachael Ray would say, YUM-O!

Anyhow, this week has been good overall.  I'm definitely keenly aware of what I am eating and the exercise thing doesn't seem like such a chore anymore.  Yeah, I know I'm quite the Shakespeare.  :)

Well here it is my friends...
Woo hoo I lost 2.0 pounds!
Who'd a thunk it?  I actually did the Moti-Girl happy dance which is a cross between my horse dance and the cabbage patch. Remind me to share a video, I promise you will literally fall over laughing your ass off.  Sorry for my crankiness at the beginning of this post, it just escapes sometimes.  I'm out homies, thanks for reading!  This is your Moti-Girl saying Adios!

Week 1:   3/7/11: 163.2
Week 2:  3/14/11: 161.8
Week 3: 3/21/11: 159.2
Week 4: 3/28/11: 158.8
Week 5: 4/4/11: 156.8