Everybody loves Reh, comes from my nick name Reh and also a fun campaign slogan when I ran for school office years ago. I think at that time I had called it Everybody loves Reh Reh (an abbreviation of my first and last name) but opted for a shorter version for this blog. I couldn't narrow down what this blog was suppose to be about, so I picked the things that I babble on about the most and here I am.  

I am an overbearing mother to two spunky girls and a little boy, Leila, Zaina & Isa. A short-fused wife of an insufferably patient husband Ismail (aka Fish) with a fiercely feisty extended family.  

"I just like to smile. Smiling is my favorite!" I love alliteration and skinny peppermint mochas. Walking contradiction at times. I talk a lot of smack and maybe I am a little too competitive for my own good.  A  faithful Laker fan who enjoys playing soccer in my free time. I'm definitely not the most stylish person you will meet, but make up for that with my sarcastic and wannabe witty banter. I love playing board games and being outdoors.  I could watch cooking shows all day and I truly do enjoy cooking for my family and friends. I am pleaser (and dramatic, Fish insisted I add that) and loyal to a fault. I'm a Digital Marketer at Cisco by day and wannabe MasterChef at night.

I was born in Pretty Pasadena CA, my childhood was spent in lovely Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, I endured my angst-filled teenage years in Redlands CA, and now for the last thirteen years I have called the beautiful Bay Area my home.