Thursday, July 9, 2015

Msrehreh has materialized

Well hello again, it's ben a long time! Missed me? I'm attempting to restart this blog. Every time I have wanted to pick blogging back up, I am derailed by the long absence that I have left you with and all the negative self-deprecating thoughts that plant themselves in my head, paralyzing me till I concede defeat. With that being said, I need to get over myself and just dive back in. Whether that means there is 1 person interested in what I have to say (thanks mom), then so be it. Writing was always a form of escape from my everyday - I'm hoping you will ride along.

Our innovative #selfie game was on point 13 years ago. #tbt

So much has happened since my very last post but here is a quick recap. My baby boy Isa is now 2.5 years old, my middle spunky daughter Zaina is 6 and my eldest baby girl Leila is 12. I am a bonafide Digital Marketer at Cisco.  Yup, you are correct, I have moved on up in the world finally. You can find me on Twitter, babbling away and while you're at it follow my sports obsessed husband Fish if you want to talk ESPN all day everyday. I am doing well, happy and very healthy. Not healthy living healthy, but more inhaling at high speed every morsel of food on my plate, kinda healthy. I have so fallen off my motigirl diaries diet and have fortunately gained all the weight back much to my scale's dismay. More on that coming in later blogs (hopefully)... 

I plan to dive deeper back into writing more consistently and let the creative juices just flow. I'm the most at peace when I can allow myself to let words take me away. As an adolescent, I avidly wrote in my journal. I'm hoping that this blog will allow me to simulate the same exuberant cadence that I once had as a teenager. Although I haven't narrowed down a cohesive theme for my blog,  I humbly request that you bear with me. It may vary like my mood swings. You might get a glimpse into my work world, the crazy life of #soccermoms, my failures as a parent of 3, my gluttonous appetite for consuming delicious things and then regretting it later all wrapped up into one. Don't say I didn't give you a fair warning. Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave a comment or say what's up below!

Msrehreh is signing off for tonight. Deuces.