Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Guess who's back for some Moti Love

Well hello my faithful friends... do I even have any left out there? Thanks to some very persistent and encouraging gal pals (yes, that's you Ms Lakhani) I have bellyflopped back into the land of blogging. I know you're enjoying that lovely mental picture I just gave you.  I can't even being to explain why I took such a long hiatus from this world... suffice to say I'm baaackkkk.  You ready for me?

So I have absolutely no idea where to start.  New year, new beginnings, new fat I have found chilling on my body... yeah what a great start.  So, I begin 2012 with a promise to myself and my 2 followers that I will attempt to write weekly.  

When I first fell off the wagon of blogging, a good friend of mine had advised to write about my struggles and challenges with sticking with Moti girl, or to focus on how hard it is to stay motivated.  But I didn't heed the advice of the wise and the more time that passed, the easier it became to put it off even more. The next time I checked, six months had gone by sans blogging and I felt like such a loser and a quitter.  I need to follow through and hold myself accountable.  It wasn't so much about the dieting and losing weight, it was about making a lifestyle change that stuck.  Plus, the routine of blogging weekly was so great for my soul.  I wasn't ready for all the changes that came my way once school was over.  I didn't manage all the different hats I was wearing and more importantly I didn't prioritize very well.  So I plan to ameliorate that and hope to do it with your help.  :)

Unfortunately or maybe luckily my scale's battery is dead, so no picture today.  However the scale will be back this weekend and I will snap a picture and throw it on this blog on Monday next week.  I leave you today with one word and that is HOPE. I HOPE to keep up with blogging.  I HOPE to make better choices and I HOPE that I won't bore you to death with my ramblings of all irrelevant things.  Until next time... this is your Moti girl signing out.