Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Moti Girl Diary- Week Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen... Bye Bye Berkeley

Yes, the day has FINALLY come aH
Howdy party peoples... yes I am finally back. Come on, do the happy dance with me.  Four incredibly long weeks since I have last graced my own blog.  I know pretty pathetic, but I had a damn good reason. I had to study for finals, write like a book's worth in papers, handle the whole graduation thing and just veg out.  If you don't already know, (how could you not with all my shameless self-promoting status updates, tweets and pics?) I have finally procured my BA in English from UC Berkeley aH. Feel free to say it... Hallelujah.  I say it all the time.   I will post a video as soon as I get my hands on it, but I was the last one to walk on stage the day of the commencement and I got to walk on with my two babies by my side.  It really was one of the most incredible and unreal moments of my life and I have to say, my kids have been the best motivation to complete school.  I'm a better person because of them.

Finally.. it's happened to me

So much has happened in the last few weeks, that I don't even know where to start.  I was going through all my pictures... and I was taken aback by all that has happened in this month!  Do I write one long blog post and go verbal/written diarrhea about everything that has happened? Do you want to know how my disciplined calorie counting and gym visits went right out the window?  Do I dare to admit that physically annihilated any food in sight?  No really I did. I was so busy with papers and studying, shoot even Trader Joes' microwaved macaroni meals were not only gourmet but a damn luxury. Do you know the amount of guilt I've been carrying around about sharing this with you all?  What were you all going to think?  How could I have just fallen off the boat?   However, I continued with the weekly weigh in pics and I nearly died of a heart-attack...  Unfortunately I will not  be entertaining you all today... No frills, no fun anecdotes, no wannabe witty banter this blog post... Just gonna get right to it.    I was at 155 pounds according to my last official weigh in.... read it and weep with me...

As of May 9th I was...

Gained 1.6 pounds

As of May 16th I was...
I lost 0.6 pounds

As of May 23rd I was...
I lost 2.2 pounds

As of May 31st I was...
I lost 2.8 pounds

Um yeah... you can close your mouths now.  Are you as shocked as I was?  So there was indeed weeping, but lots of happy tears. <insert Nutty Professor's Hercules Hercules (my equivalent for the happy dance)>  I wasn't watching my calories, didn't have time to go to the gym, pretty much ate whatever the hell I pleased and miraculously I lost weight.  Go figure, my friends, go figure!  I have to say though, this last week's weigh in might be off because I did get sick a couple of days ago and kinda loss my appetite. I haven't regained it fully... but seeing these results I question if I even need it back? I kid I kid.  :)  This has to be a fluke or a gift/nudge from mother nature for finishing school.  Whatever it is, I will take it.  I'm just grateful and feeling blessed for where I am in my life aH...

To Hawaii and beyond

A special shout out to the hubby for hooking up a one week family vacay to Hawaii this summer as a graduation gift.  Thank you! It's the best present ever and our first real family vacation! We have never been to Hawaii and are so excited to finally get to do so!  Woo hoo!

So in the spirit of feeling good and not looking like a Motigirl in Hawaii because you know I'm all about the itsy bitsy teenie weenie... yeah right!  Haha ok the wannabe witty banter had to escape somewhere.  I apologize for making you puke.  I just thought it would be fun to add that for shock value. Ahhh, I digress.  Anyways,  I am planning to get back into the gym, make better food choices and shed the pounds the right way.  :)    There has been some  weight fluctuation, but at least I've been somewhat successful at keeping it off.  I feel damn good too!  But you can't beat any geek off the street... (I'll stop there, before I become too silly) Thanks for coming back and sticking with my weird sense of humor and my Motigirl adventures.   Until next time my friends... good night.

Week 1:   3/7/11: 163.2
Week 2:  3/14/11: 161.8
Week 3: 3/21/11: 159.2

Week 4: 3/28/11: 158.8
Week 5: 4/4/11:  156.8
Week 6: 4/11/11: 157.9     (break)
Week 7: 4/18/11: 157.6
Week 8: 4/25/11: 155.8
Week 9:  5/2/11: 155.0

Week 10: 5/9/11:  156.6
Week 11: 5/16/11:  156.0
Week 12: 5/23/11:  153.8
Week 13: 5/31/11:  151.0


  1. YAAAAAYYY!!! I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!!!! I'm so very proud! I mean about everything!! About the weight loss and the graduating and the whole mom thing... and just proud of Y-O-U!!!

    Omgosh! I'm so excited for you!!! You're almost at the 150 and I know you'll do it!!! You're gonna look soooo great for Hawaii!!!

    Congrats! <3 you!!!!

  2. i cant believe you lost so much in a short amount of time..looking at the timeline you should be so proud ...having been thru what you have ... fish is a gem and a jewel for taking you to hawaii!!

  3. REEEEHHH, this is incredible!! OMG so proud of you! you have been looking AH-mazing as usual, can't wait to start yoga-late'ing with you soon. xxoo

  4. Proud of you ALL the way. You are some determined woman, (rather than girl) yeah, that sounds good. Sexy, like the new Reh Reh! Aunty S

  5. Congratulations on so many things...graduation, your trip to Hawaii, your weight loss, your ability to manage so much in your life and make it look effortless. You are really a superstar Reh! I am thrilled for you.

  6. @jojo merci beaucoup my friend. I am stoked about Hawaii. 20 pounds more to go. LOL :)

    @Fati Thank you my love. I love that you can quote my dad. There really is no denying it, he's really is my gem and jewel ;)

    @Saimah let's get the yoga on. I'm ready my friend!

    @Seema Aunty love and miss you dearly

    @Ameena thank you. I'm glad someone thinks its effortless now to really feel the effortlessness and then I'm set. :)