Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Moti Girl Diary- Week Eight, I want CAKE! No make that brownies

Good evening peoples, this is your Moti Girl bringing you a play by play of my adventures in fat extraction. I'm feeling good today. I apologize for lagging, but this is my last week of instruction as a Berkeley student and the work load has piled up tremendously.  I'm back though!  This week has been good to me.  I have hit a stride and I'm enjoying the ride.  Ooh the lyricist in me is escaping...    :)

my faves
my "Lesbian Look"
I had an epiphany this week-- I know imagine that.  I was talking to my girl Amina and we thoroughly discussed how feeling good about ourselves has a lot to do with how we dress on a daily basis. You all know that I love wearing my regular boot cut jeans, usually paired with comfy cotton t-shirt, socks and kicks. My hair is pulled back in a ponytail and if I want to be be extra snazzy I will don a funky headband to spice it up. Yup, I'm living on the wild side.   It's nothing special, just something I am comfortable with.  My friend who shall remain nameless calls this my everyday Lesbian look.  Yup you read it right, the Lesbian look. I think what she really means is the Butch look, but deliberately chooses to use the word Lesbian to ruffle my PC feathers.  Yes, I'll admit I have many fashion faux pas in terms of styling,  but who hasn't?  I'm just not that into to clothes or fashion.  I think I can play if off (sometimes) or at least get by.  It's just not my thing.  So I wear what makes me feel comfortable.  May this blog be my witness, but I am acutely aware of the abdominal obesity that I see everyday in my reflection, so yes I choose to wear things that are very loose around my waistline.  Tshirts make that a reality.  I mean why should I subject anyone else to the view of my tires of fat that will immediately cause stomach bile to swim in your mouth?  Yuck. Well I am working it on it. Are you enjoying my vivid imagery today?  Anyways, getting back to my epiphany I realized that although I love my daily "Lesbian" Look, it might not hurt to actually put a little effort towards making myself a little more presentable, or well put together.    I'm not talking about a drastic makeover, just a subtle changes to allow myself to feel good.  I don't know about you guys, but there's something about when I put a little more effort in how I dress, I all of sudden feel a small boost of confidence shoot through.  So any of my friends out there, want to step up and help a sista out?  You know I need it. I'm not ready to retire my daily wear, but maybe add a few more articles of clothing that will broaden my limited wardrobe.  :)

Yolatea's Coffee Yogurt
Anyways, I digress as usual.  Back to Moti Girl.  I'm doing well.  I'm feeling good. I went to the gym twice this week, but I also had dance practice twice this week for my daughter's talent show which surprisingly was very grueling. As far as food is concerned, I think I have finally found some balance.  I'm not being anal about counting calories as much. I have a firm grasp on how many calories I am approximately consuming and just trying to stay close to 1200 calories, which I found not too hard.  I love my free days, but they are slowly losing their appeal. Not because I'm not interested in food, but  think I have found some balance and I feel comfortable.  I also discovered No Sugar Added, Fat Free Coffee Frozen Yogurt at Yolatea in Saratoga and can I say that I wanted to jump for joy because it did not taste like Sugar free stuff. It was flavorful and didn't feel lacking in anyway.  Yolatea not only sells yogurt, but Gelato Classico, Crepes and Paninis.  It's a cute little spot and a favorite for after school kids to have a  snack in downtown Saratoga.

This week I was doing the happy dance in my bedroom because I discovered my jeans were loose even with a belt on. I started singing the chorus to "The Eye of the Tiger" and dancing around like a chimp on crack... I looked up and there standing in the doorway were my kids.  I was so lost in my delirium of happiness, that I didn't notice the lil monsters watching their mother in bewilderment. Leila asked me why I was dancing around without my pants on?  I told her it was the cool thing to do and that I was doing the happy dance.  She laughed at me and said Mom, you're so funny and turned and walked away. At least she didn't call me weird.  I'm sure she was thinking it though. Zaina just snickered and joined me in my happy dance and started singing Slippery Fish.  Yes, Zaina definitely falls on the Rehman side.

my guilty pleasure

Well, after I weighed myself yesterday, I couldn't help but eat one delectably yummy mint brownie and a tall glass of milk.  Can I just say it was sooooo needed and savored every bite!  Now if it was a reward or a guilty binge eating, you will have to stay tuned and see for yourself.

Ok well here it is my friends...

I lost 1.8 pounds!

Phew, I can't believe it!  I was worried that I was going to either be at the same weight or definitely gaining a pound or two. I think I need to break out in song now... "It's the eye of the tiger, it's the cream of the fight, Risin' up to the challenge of our rival, And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night, And he's watchin' us all in the eye of the tiger"  Haha... well that's all folk, tune in next time. This is your Moti Girl happy dancing away! :)

Week 1:   3/7/11: 163.2
Week 2:  3/14/11: 161.8
Week 3: 3/21/11: 159.2
Week 4: 3/28/11: 158.8
Week 5: 4/4/11: 156.8
Week 6: 4/11/11: 157.9     (break)
Week 7: 4/18/11: 157.6
Week 8: 4/25/11: 155.8


  1. Go Reh!
    .........Seema Aunty

  2. I'm so proud of you hermana.. YOU CAN DO IT :)

    Let's Zumba this week :)

  3. The "lesbian look" - I love it. You have an awesome sense of humor. If it's any consolation I don't think you look lesbian-ish at all! I think you look like a typical college student and there is nothing wrong with that!

    Congrats on your weight loss! I am so excited for you.

  4. @Amina... thank you my friend. I wonder why you enjoyed it so? ;)

    @Seema Aunty We are going to miss you. Till we meet again.

    @Ayesha i'm down to Zumba anytime. You know this

    @Ameena I'm glad someone thinks I'm funny. :) I think I look comfortable but my good girlfriend has other ideas. Thank you for the love. I'm just happy i'm able to maintain it.

  5. Chimp on crack? Love it! And I love your "lesbian look" probably because it's so similar to mine. Hmmm . . .